Welcome to Cheshirelady cattery
Welcome to the web site dedicated to Cheshire Cats in "Alice in Wonderland" and force of "Puss'n Bots".
We specialize in breeding classic, blue British Shorthair cats, Lilac,Silver, Golden Shaded and Cinnamon. We would be very happy to meet those who share our passion. Our goal is to continue the pedigree characteristics of modern style, muscular body, short plush coat and well balanced character. The roots of our cattery are from the bright representatives of this breed who came from respectable catteries in Europe and have received championship titles.
Our cats successful in competition! We have International winners as well, raised in our cattery.
They are non-caged cats and live with us as members of our family.
We give to our cats as much love,care and attention as they want or need.
We sell our kittens only with a contract.
All of our cats have appropriate documents and the necessary vaccination at the proper age.
Money that we receive from selling kittens will be used for buying quality food, vitamins, toys, veterinary services, purchase of new hight quality cats and show expences.

We hope you will enjoy our site and share with us the love of our life - British Shorthair cats.
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We are not practising visits . There are pictures of your kitten will be sent to you regularly as long as kitten growing , scype, videos per request.
If you want to see these wonderful cats in real life you can come to one of many cat shows where you will have a lot of fun, learn a lot of information about cats and have opportunity to speak with your breeder. Information about shows you can find on this web site :
Taking care about cats and kittens takes a lot of time so, please, value our time and let this time to be spend on cats and kittens. We do not have separate facilities , cats are living with us as a family members and we cannot invite everybody who is looking for fun place to go.
We are hoping for your understanding and support.
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TICA member since 2005. See our cattery listing on www.tica.org
AVERAGE LIFESPAN 15 to 20 years
TEMPERAMENT Friendly and affectionate, loyal and devoted, good with children and other pets.
WEIGHT Males 6.8 to 10kg; females 4.5 to 6.1kg
COLOURS Available in almost every colour and coat pattern you can think of.
GROOMING Once a week is adequate. A simple hand groom will often remove dead hair.
To understand if British Shorthair cats are right breed for your lifestyle visit page with test
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